Sports Illustrated: Classic Rivalries

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Nothing in sports history has so stirred the blood of diehard fans as a good rivalry. Here, gathered in a single volume, are some of the most legendary, from Ohio State-Michigan in college football to Bears-Packers in the pros; from Celtics-Lakers in basketball to Rangers-Bruins in hockey; from Giants-Dodgers in baseball to Nicklaus-Palmer in golf; from Navratilova-Evert in tennis to Ali-Frazier in boxing. Illustrated with unforgettable photos of the key moments in the rivalries and filled with informative essays on how the rivalries took shape, this book highlights those contests which were the most dramatic and which personalities became pivotal. Greatest Rivalries also includes statistics, sidebars and excerpts from the pages of Sports Illustrated.
- Nothing stirs the blood of die-hard fans than a good rivalry--either between two teams or two athletes--and in Greatest Rivalries, we chronicle the best there ever was.
- In breathtaking photos and essays, you'll revisit the best in sports rivalries; from John McEnroe vs. Bjorn Borg to the Celtics-Lakers to the excitement of Ali-Frazier in and out of the ring, among others.
- Read how the rivalries began, relive the dramatic encounters, and read about the personalities.