Noisy Farm, The

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Cock-a-doodle-doo! A rooster crows loudly and another noisy day at the farm begins. The farmer wakes up and we hear the floor creak under his feet. As he goes about his daily chores, a pail bumps his knee, pong, pong, poink! The cow moos while she is being milked, and the horses thumpety thump their hooves in anticipation of breakfast. But through all the click-clacking of the tractor and the oinking of the pigs, the quiet farmer never makes a peep. Only when his chores are finally done, and the sky is lit by stars, does the farmer stop for a moment to wish everything-from his cat to his cow, the stars and his plow-a hearty good night. At last the farm is quiet and the only sound we hear is the gentle snoring of the farmer, fast asleep after his busy day at the noisy farm.