Hidy Ochiai's Complete Book of Self-Defense

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Karate students of all ages, levels, and abilities will learn to perfect each kind of karate technique under the personal instruction of acclaimed karate superstar Hidy Ochiai in this action-filled volume. Packed with nearly 1,000 instructional photos, "Hidy Ochiai's Complete Book of Self-Defense" expertly guides you from the essential basics through the most advanced self-defense moves. You will learn: Hundreds of ways to use hands, arms, feet, and legs as defensive weapons through knife-hand strikes, lunge punches, back-fist thrusts, hook kicks, and more Scooping, crescent-knee, palm-heel, and chicken-head blocks to thwart opponents Self-defense from all sides of the body and from all positions--standing, sitting, and lying down Techniques for performing "kata" (forms) with strength, grace, and vitality, as well as ways to analyze their underlying meaning Application at will of karate's prearranged techniques and "kata" movements to any self-defense situation--even when fighting off four opponents or a gun-wielding attacker. Ochiai's lessons for becoming a true martial artist through the cultivation of mental and spiritual strength are an exciting bonus. His exercises are designed to help practitioners increase their self-discipline, concentration, confidence, and respect for themselves and others. Hidy Ochiai, a karate legend, has been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame twice, as Instructor of the Year and as Man of the Year. A member of the International Masters Exhibition Team, he has traveled around the world to demonstrate his renowned skills.