Great Redwall Feast, The

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Shhh! There's much to be done, but Father Abbot must not know. For the creatures of Redwall - the abbeymice and hares, otters and moles - are planning a surprise feast in their dear Abbot's honor. There is cake to be baked, marchpane to be rolled. Stirring and sifting, smoothing and brewing.

But wait. Where's that rascal Bungo? No doubt his sticky paws have found another plum pie. Bungo!

Such confusion! Can all these delicacies possibly be finished in time? And how can the Redwallers keep such a grand feast from their Abbot's keen eyes? There must be a way . . .

Discover the answer for yourself in this first illustrated story book from acclaimed writer Brian Jacques, author of the enormously successful Redwall series. With charming illustrations by Christopher Denise that capture all the warmth, spirit, and fun of this story, The Great Redwall Feast will bring generations of new fans to the friendly abbey known the world over as Redwall.