Grays, The

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We are not alone. Millions of people are confronting aliens that authorities say don't exist. Whitley Strieber--author of the #1 bestselling book Communion, which detailed his own close encounters--now returns to the riddle of aliens with The Grays. Drawing from a lifetime of research & his own experiences, Strieber offers up a fictional account of the conspiracy behind the alien presence on Earth while also giving us a startling look inside the alien mind that will astound, frighten & enthrall. Meet the Three Thieves, a group of Grays assigned to duty in a small Kentucky town. They've been preparing a child for generations. Innocent Conner Callaghan will face ultimate terror as he struggles to understand who he's been bred to become & what he must do to save humanity. Meet Col. Michael Morax, who strives to keep the secret of the Grays from the public for reasons so sinister, yet believable, that they read like truth--& very well may be. Then there's Lauren Glass, government empath to the last surviving captive Gray, known only as A for Adam. Her unique talent to communicate with this captive Gray may be the only way humans can unravel their ultimate plan. But when Adam suddenly escapes the highly secure underground Air Force facility that he's been captive in for years, it triggers a mass undertaking in that small Kentucky town. A frantic race begins, as the government must outmaneuver the Grays to keep the secret of the presence intact. The Grays is a mind-bending journey behind the curtain of secrecy that surrounds the subject of aliens, written by a master of the field.